Schlage CO-200 Standalone Lock

Schlage CO-200 Standalone Lock

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The CO Series offers ideal solutions for customers seeking the added security and convenience of electronic access control without the cost or complexity of a fully networked system.

The CO-200 steps up significantly in functionality from CO-100 offline locks. It can be manually or computer programmed with downloads occurring at the lock via handheld device. Credential use can include 3-6 digit PIN, proximity and magnetic stripe cards; dual authentication card + PIN readers are available for extra security. More importantly, this lock offers up to 2000 users with audit capability to note the who, where and when of building or room access.

CO-200 can work in the same offline system as AD-200, CO-220 and CT5000. They can be manually programmed for basic use or managed with PC-based Schlage Express™ software. Select Software Alliance members also offer access control solutions for the CO-200 with added capability that can include lock schedules and audits. Features and capabilities will vary by system; please visit the Software Management tab for additional details.


  • Electronics bring more visibility and control to the opening
  • Allows an up to 2,000 users1 with audit trail of up to 2,000 events1
  • Classroom/storeroom, office, and privacy functions available
  • Dual authentication capability when installed with keypad + card reader


  • Updates can be made immediately at the door using keypad or handheld device
  • Supports holidays and time zones1 to enable auto lock and unlock during specified periods


  • Up to 2 years battery life with status indicator for easy maintenance
  • Works with same credential used on the building perimeter

1. Depending on access control software capability

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